CLOSED: 200 Mio EUR – Fixed income Bond 9%: redevelopment of german listed buildings

fixed_income_bondCLOSED: Fixed income Bond 9% – 200 Mio EUR
Redevelopment of german listed buildings

Legal Structure:
Fixed income bond issued by a luxembourg securitisation company

Targeted Principal Amount of the Bond: 200m EUR

Term: 2 years with 1 possible extension of 1 year
Investment Period: 3 years maximum
Minimum subscription: 1m EUR
Strategy: Finance the redevelopment of German listed buildings
Subscription Period: 6 months starting 1st July 2016

First Closing Date: 30.09.2016
Fixed Income Bond Performance: 9% per year

Sourcing and Due Diligence
Property purchased with Private Equity
Planning and Commercialisation
Construction work begins
Project completion and Handover to new owners
Property Management

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