CLOSED: 200 Mio EUR – Fixed income Bond 9%: redevelopment of german listed buildings

fixed_income_bondCLOSED: Fixed income Bond 9% – 200 Mio EUR
Redevelopment of german listed buildings

Legal Structure:
Fixed income bond issued by a luxembourg securitisation company

Targeted Principal Amount of the Bond: 200m EUR

Term: 2 years with 1 possible extension of 1 year
Investment Period: 3 years maximum
Minimum subscription: 1m EUR
Strategy: Finance the redevelopment of German listed buildings
Subscription Period: 6 months starting 1st July 2016

First Closing Date: 30.09.2016
Fixed Income Bond Performance: 9% per year

Sourcing and Due Diligence
Property purchased with Private Equity
Planning and Commercialisation
Construction work begins
Project completion and Handover to new owners
Property Management

Highest possible tax savings and up to 100% of the renovation
costs can be reclaimed.

No performance fee carried interest will be charged.

adviser and investment company with accumulated experience of 25 years
in German property development and international investments –
specialists in delivering property projects with associated tax breaks.

adviser with strong track record in delivering projects and selling
apartments to German citizens. Team of experts in each field
including sourcing, planning, finance, construction, sales and property management.

For detailed information please get in touch with me.


Thank you very much for your attention.
Thorsten Augurzky

– corporate consultant –